Meet Skye. She's on a mission to stop plastic from magazines ending up in the ocean.

Over the past month, we’ve been sharing stories of our Ocean Superheroes on Instagram - these amazing young people are inspiring others to tackle plastic pollution and help save our precious ocean.

The most recent addition to this incredible line-up is Skye, from Gwynedd in Wales, who you may already recognise. She recently appeared in every major newspaper in the UK following her appeal to ban plastic toys and packaging from children's magazines and comics.

There is a lot we can say about Skye but how about we let her introduce herself?

Skye Beach 1

"Hello, my name is Skye, I’m 10 years old and I’m a climate activist and love campaigning for change.

I am running a campaign to ban plastics from comics and magazines, and so far over 64,000 people have signed my petition!

At the start, the magazine publishers I wrote to didn’t give me a very good response, so I started a petition and sent loads of emails and social media posts instead. The BBC interviewed me and my campaign was mentioned on National Radio.

A manager from Waitrose heard about the campaign and agreed with me - then Waitrose announced that they would stop selling comics and magazines containing plastic tat - AMAZING!!! They are giving the publishers 8 weeks to change.

Since then I’ve been in Newspapers and on live BBC TV, CBBC Newsround and Sky TV! I am now on the Junior Board of a big company helping their Recycle to Read scheme. I am also working with Common Seas and their Ocean Plastics Academy to help inspire other young people to take positive action.

But I still need more help to get the publishers to change so please join me."

"Skye is bold, brave, and determined. Her actions have already motivated so many others - even a huge supermarket chain - to get behind her petition and act on plastic. She is proof that young people are powerful agents for change and I’m really excited to see where her journey leads!"

As highlighted above by Ocean Plastics Academy project lead, Sarah, the team here at Common Seas think that Skye is doing a fantastic job. She’s already gained an incredible amount of public support and a commitment from Waitrose. However, like a true Ocean Superhero, Skye doesn’t want to stop until more supermarkets sign up.

You can support Skye on her mission by signing the petition here. If your school would like to sign our open letter, please get in touch via the email below.

[email protected]

Watch this space.

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