Common Seas.
Healthy Seas for Everyone.

We need the Ocean. We love the seas. But we all know they are in trouble. Rapid economic growth, fast-expanding populations, and a globalised culture of disposable consumption have led to a plastic pollution crisis too big and too complex to solve alone. We work to make big changes in the way we impact the greatest life support system on Earth.

Our Mission

To quickly and significantly reduce the amount of plastic waste produced and stop it polluting our Ocean.

Common Seas Health Workshop

We provide the right people with the right tools to navigate the complexity of tackling plastic waste at source, deliver new ways to manage and re-use plastic and stop the leakage into our rivers, seas and ocean.

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Our research and work on-the-ground harness the collective expertise of people, governments and businesses to implement action in their own communities to halt the threats of Ocean plastic.

How we work

We work using a combination of research, co-design and practical tools to understand the current system, optimise effective decision-making and build capacity, infrastructure and momentum for change.

We currently do this through four projects:

Plastic Drawdown

This new approach to addressing plastic pollution helps governments understand plastic waste flows and optimise policies to effectively ‘drawdown’ the flow of ocean plastic pollution.

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Clean Blue Alliance

Our vision is a global network of plastic waste-free islands. We are working with governments, councils, businesses and local changemakers to identify and accelerate solutions.

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Ocean Plastics Academy

Common Seas wants to inspire a generation of sea champions, and we are working with schools to put plastic pollution and the ocean into the school curriculum.

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Healthy Me. Healthy Sea.

Plastic is part of everyone’s daily lives, but how is this affecting our health? We are researching the health impacts of eating, drinking and breathing plastic.

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Commons Seas mission and approach today has been shaped through a combination of our founder Jo Royle’s previous career at sea skippering expeditions and trans-ocean yacht races including voyages across the Atlantic, Pacific and down to the Antarctic together with a decade of ground-breaking work safeguarding resilient and productive seas.

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