The ATM that will buy your old smartphone.

What if you were told that your ATM could accept more than just your bank card? And give you cash in more ways than one?

It’s true! In Athens, Greece, Green Panda has recently placed a number of ATMs where its customers can recycle their old mobile by gaining back the value of the device they just recycled. Green Panda, who is expanding its ATM network beyond Athens, is now moving one step further. In collaboration with Common Seas and Clean Blue Paros it offers customers the choice to donate the value of their mobile phone and help tackle waste from electronics that often ends up on our beaches.

Green panda

Green Panda customers are informed right away how they can support Clean Blue Paros. “It is important to tell customers how they literally contribute” says Aliki Labropoulos, from Common Seas External Affairs in Greece.

"By offering 1€, for example, we can collect and recycle 77 cigarette butts! It’s amazing how a simple action can have such an impact considering that just one cigarette butt can pollute up to 500 liters of sea water”, she continues.

The Green Panda team are also excited about this collaboration, as highlighted by their Marketing Manager.

“For us, being completely new in the field, such a collaboration adds significantly in our effort to raise awareness to our customers about the importance of recycling”.

So, if you are located somewhere around Athens and have old mobile devices pilling up somewhere in your house wondering what to do with them, you now know what to do.

Recycle them at your nearest Green Panda ATM and support our efforts to help keep our Ocean clean.

If you want to find out more about Green Panda and their ATM network, check out their webpage

Read more about the damage cigarette butts can cause here.

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