Common Seas providing expertise at the Plastic Leak Project

Jo Royle Common Seas
By Jo Royle

The Plastic Leak project seeks to identify, measure and develop scalable solutions and define effective actions to close the tap on plastic leakage and pollution. Lead by Quantis and EA, this collaborative, multi-stakeholder initiative takes an in-depth look at the circular economy of plastics, assesses existing knowledge gaps and finds, compares and develops relevant solutions using a collaborative approach.

The project and its metrics-driven methodology will fill an important gap in managing the plastic pollution crisis by enabling companies to locate and measure plastic leakage along their value chains. It will help:

  • Measure leakage from the circular plastics economy
  • Provide meaningful metrics for products, companies, governments & more
  • Evaluate and develop scalable solutions to reach near-zero plastic leakage
  • Guide companies to move from assumption-based to fact-based actions
  • Create and nurture a community of leaders committed to solving the visible plastic leakage problem

Julien Boucher, Director of EA and renowned plastics expert says "We are convinced that better metrics are needed to shape action towards fixing the problem of plastic leakage and recover clean oceans; we hope the PLP will significantly contribute in developing these metrics both to guide company strategies and product design.”

Find out more about The Plastic Leak Project here.

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